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Announcing winner of the election “European Destinations of Excellence”

As part of the national elections for the project “European Destinations of Excellence”, National Tourism Organization of Serbia has organized the contest “Tourism and intangible cultural heritage”. This year’s Serbian winner is Knjaževac municipality with the tourist event “Molitva under Midžor”. National Tourism Organization of Serbia has received 40 applications for the competition which aims…


Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, the Father of the Modern Serbian Language

Reforms, writing of the first dictionary of the Serbian language, collecting folk literature, conflicts with the most prominent Serbian figures and keeping company with European elite, family tragedy and the introduction of phonetic orthography into the Serbian language, is the life and work of the most important figure of the Serbian literature in the first…


Renexpo Western Balkans

RENEXPO Western Balkans

At the largest, and most important Trade Fair and Conferences for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, on 1000 m2 of exhibition space, 50 exhibitors and 400 conference participants will gather on the 11th and 12th of June in Belgrade’s Sava Center to discuss on variety of subjects.   During this event, Belgrade will become a…



Reed’s Land of Death

Soiled, torn streets, clouds of smoke and dust, smell of gunpowder, arsons and rotting human bodies piled on top of each other: this was the picture of Serbia in the Great War. The courage of this small country that has stood shoulder to shoulder with the world powers, has intrigued many. Among them was an…


Organic food Serbia

Map of Organic Serbia

On the last part of our itinerary for travelling through the landscapes of Organic Serbia, far from the main roads and almost uninhabited, there are the mountains of southeast and east Serbia that preserve the entire worlds of autochthonous plants, woods, wild and farm animals. They give full meaning to the term “preserved biodiversity”. FOREST…


Living and Eating Healthy

The second section of the organic journey through Serbia leads into the hilly and mountainous regions of Western Serbia. Forests and woods, meadows, glades, pastures, small towns, villages and hamlets make up the picture of the western parts. Our thematic journey through the western parts starts in the picturesque and ecologically clean Azbukovica. More than…


Organic food of Serbia

Organic food Serbia

An imagined journey through Organic Serbia starts in Vojvodina. The gifts of nature predestined this region for agriculture, and therefore it is no wonder that organic farming in Serbia started in Vojvodina. This region, and more precisely, Subotica was the birthplace for spreading the ideas of organic farming. This town in the northernmost part of…


Marina Abramović

Interview: Abramović Method

Adhering to the concept that it does not matter whether art is beautiful or ugly, rather that it just needs to be true – Marina Abramović has gained an international reputation. In the beginning she replaced painting with body art, insisting on the body language of dancers, acrobats, village wizards, Tibetan monks and shamans. She…


Russian heritage in Belgrade

Belgrade experienced its most turbulent and intensive changes in an architectural sense between the two world wars. Almost overnight the city replaced its oriental contours with the modern look of a European capital. A major role in shaping the new face of Belgrade was played by Russian architects Verhovski, Baumgartner and primarily Krasnov. “At the…


From dawn til dawn in Niš

Niš is one of the oldest cities in the Balkans. Famous for its serene southern spirit, good entertainment and excellent food, the city is located on the map of precious ancient heritage and is known as the hometown of Emperor Constantine the Great. You are looking at one of the tourist itineraries that will take…



The story of 1.300 corporals: The bravest in war and most creative in peace

In the WW1, Serbia confronted larger, better equipped and better armed Austro-Hungarian army. Austria-Hungary had about 378.000 professional soldiers at the beggining of the war, while Serbia mobilized 250.000 men during the entire war. In Serbia, all men capable for war were mobilized – peasants, educated people, craftsmen, merchants… It was total mobilization. The problem…


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Discover treasures of Resava

This April, Serbia4Youth will take you to discover the natural treasures of the Resava, a unique blend of untouched nature, history and lots of fun. Welcome to one of the most beatiful parts of Serbia! Itinerary: 8h - Departure from the parking lot of Sava Centar in Belgrade. 10:30h - Arrival in Despotovac, the city of despot Stefan Lazarević,…


International Tourism Fair

Spring at Novi Sad fair

Successfully organised Book Fair, Exhibition of Art and Education Fair at the Novi Sad Fair marked the beginning of the season of fairs in 2014. The season continues with the International Tourism Fair, which is held in spring for this first time, from 10 to 14 April. In addition to a comprehensive tourist offer and…